Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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Ms WhiteMatter
Ms WhiteMatter Pred 53 minutami
Catching myself checking to the channel's page, until I remember - again - that there's no new episode this week...
Alexander Gulino
Alexander Gulino Pred uro
Its early but they're "entertaining this" because those cowards will ride this train to dictator town. Just as fun to say as forty fort, but with a lot more consequences for their actions.
dexterous187 Pred uro
It's insane how you have changed your opinion about voter fraud since a year ago.
dexterous187 Pred uro
Biden is not president elect.
Sid New
Sid New Pred 57 minutami
He is, obviously.
dexterous187 Pred uro
Wait, what were you saying about voter fraud a year ago?
HaliensExist Pred uro
I think we can say Trump is also a cheddar cheese mistake
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Pred uro
Mitch McConnell is worse than Trump; and that's really saying something. A case of the instigator being worse than the thief..
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin Pred uro
I thought that Tucker was saying that he was a male man before I realised that it was mail man, as in the job. 👍 Intelligence👍
hen ko
hen ko Pred 2 urami
I can see why Angelina Jole doesn't talk to him.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop Pred 2 urami
Well these one-trick pony leftist comedians may be celebrating a Trump departure, but they're going to have to find a new shtick. Talk about tedious. I can't believe anyone who isn't rabidly political and anti-Trump would find them funny or even interesting.
Minnie Lutz
Minnie Lutz Pred 3 urami
Freda Martin
Freda Martin Pred 3 urami
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel Pred 5 urami
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Pred 6 urami
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Pred 50 minutami
@Sid New the president elect is declared by, The electoral college The senate The house of Representatives National archives The electoral college has not casted 1 vote. Biden is not the president elect The media doesn't get to declare a president elect. These are all facts tour are free to look it up. Thank you
Sid New
Sid New Pred 55 minutami
Akriti Yadav
Akriti Yadav Pred 6 urami
Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were...☺️🥰
Lora Brown
Lora Brown Pred 6 urami
"Is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us after we said no?"
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Pred 6 urami
Lol, wow 👏 so true. We need to build back better, we need to take this opportunity to Reset.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Pred 7 urami
John Oliver, You aren't covering the Deep State stealing the election. You never cover the Deep State. It's global, and Biden is part of that "establishment" deep state.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Pred 34 minutami
@Sid New Catherine Austin Fitts discusses a second CIVILIZATION that is off-planet that started at the end of WW2. The draining of Earth Resources and value is being taken by the second off-planet civilization that is currently classified. Everything they do is black, black budget, classified, secret. I have posted on my channel the evidence of NASA admitting to registering anti-gravitic space craft. you want evidence? How about that?
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Pred 37 minutami
@Sid New are you talking about evidence of the Deep State? Cuz I got that: Catherine Austin Fitts (former Assistant Secretary of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Dev. under G W. Bush) discusses the "deep state" extensively! see here:
Sid New
Sid New Pred 55 minutami
Evidence, please?
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Pred uro
@Maria Quiet No need for Russia, or Russian spies, or Russian propaganda, or Russian Interferences. This is what your own gov't has done to you. The CIA is explicitly doing EXACTLY this to you and everyone. Get with the program, yo. You're smart enough to get it.... get with it.
Gov Corp Watch
Gov Corp Watch Pred uro
@Maria Quiet oh. Thanks for letting me know. ROFL! The deep state already happened. there is no need to make anything happen. They already control you, they control your thinking, your feeling, and your beliefs. The deep state (in this instance read: CIA) has so propagandized you, and you bought it, that you don't even think they exist.
flaminyawn Pred 7 urami
Trump supporting Jon Voight basically just said that Satan is mightier than God. Are you Christians going to let him get away with that?
Meb Pred 7 urami
Guys watching John Oliver get so fervent about the election is so entertaining to watch. I cant wait until the White House moves to formally file their legal cases. Don't forget guys that in 2017-2018 the media and even Democrats were questioning the security of the vote system. But now since it appears Biden won, they are adamantly against anyone who dares to question the systems. If you have nothing to hide, just sit back and let them legitimize Biden's win. BUT if you have a lot to hide then deny and smear the investigations like they are doing now. The point is the Bush and Al Gore Election took 37 days to resolve, it's only been 21 days. It's really suspicious how some people in the media look like they want the investigations to have been over Yesterday. Just be patient.
tan116A Pred 7 urami
Look, people. This is the greatest country on Earth!
Elite Mangudai
Elite Mangudai Pred 7 urami
Unsubscribed. The constant baseless bashing, misinformation and blatant hatred this guy spits with his unoriginal effeminate voice is insufferable.
Gavin Pred 59 minutami
@Elite Mangudai I mean he has a disability but it’s still pretty funny
Elite Mangudai
Elite Mangudai Pred 2 urami
@Gavin Biden's grammar is not a matter of joke is it?
Maria Quiet
Maria Quiet Pred 2 urami
Huh? He's... British? That's how he talks? Are we supposed to have "original" speaking styles now? Is this a thing that's going to be expected of us?
Gavin Pred 5 urami
Bi Den
Bruce Eaton
Bruce Eaton Pred 7 urami
Anyone else find it ironic how often "Christians" (quotes used intentionally to denote Christians by claim only, not action) refer to people/groups other than Trump as Satan, when within Christianity, Satan is referred to several times as "The father of lies"?
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Pred 6 urami
They look at ot this way, because the other side is promoting abortion and trans kids, and a whole lot of things that they can't stand.
Linziloo Loo
Linziloo Loo Pred 8 urami
So in a past episode this sell out pointed out how easy it is to manipulate the voting machines in NJ, and pointed out the need for physical verification through paper ballots, now it is crazy to say the election was hacked manipulated? Proof of a media psyop?
Megalobytes Pred 48 minutami
Wow... whataboutism. I'm not surprised.
A 17
A 17 Pred 3 urami
True, he did cover that. Allow me to go on a bit of a rant here. I'm not an American but the media in my country (mostly the newspapers) regurgitates what msm says and in one article i read, the writer said exactly this regarding the censorship of one of Trump's press conference, "The action, on a leader of a country---in the full glare of millions of global audiences, was a rare and candid show of ethics and professionalism and may be a turning point in the practice of journalism. It brought to the fore the principles of truth and accuracy and how they can shape public opinion on the role of the media. For Kenyan media, this incident presents an opportunity to revisit the cardinal principles of the journalism profession --among them truth and accuracy ; independence, fairnness and impartiality;and humanity and accountability." I've lifted the quote from the article word for empty word. This narrative peddled by msm and shows like this where Trump is the boogeyman is leading America and the 'free world' into an age of active propaganda and censorship all to be done in the name of Truth. In my country, the media is glorifies Obama(as he is called 'one of us' on the basis of his birth father and race) without any regard to what he did or does. My country is very divided along tribal lines to a point where they are going to change the constitution and add a few dysfunctional and powerless posts for the sake of pacifying other tribes(so they say) and giving status to a few more politicians. But it's all about the said politicians being symbols and vote harvesters, but not much will happen for the really disenfranchised people and communities. This obsession with race (or whatever form of identity) fanned by the US media will not end well and will only obvious benefit those at the top(or who seek to be at the top) who promote the same narrative. I used to be a fan of this show and others like it, but over the last year i grew disillusioned and it all came crashing down at last when i saw how aggressively the so called polls that predicted a landslide victory for Biden and the democrats were being peddled. I couldn't help but think that there was infact an end game to the constant attacks by the media on President Trump these 4 years. The truth is now only dubbed as true when it's convenient and it seems Oliver has been on the wagon all along or he is also just too caught up in the boogeyman story to see beyond his nose. Despite the flaws of the President, or of America as a whole, i hope and pray that come next year the nation still stands as a beacon of liberty. I have seen politicians such as AOC asking for the listing of people who supported Trump and if people like her who seem to be media darlings gain control of the government and turn it communist, it would cause so much harm beyond the borders of America. My country has been growing more 'democratic' for the last 20 years and we have many challenges to face but if marxism(through the subversive tactics being applied in the US) takes hold here because of the fall of America, we will be crushed and many people will suffer because the idealism that the republic represents with regards to the respect of life and freedom has yet to come alive here. So please, this is to any reasonable person on this channel who may come across this comment, don't participate in this 'witch burning'...the man (Trump) may not have tact with regards to his rhetoric but he is no satan. Own your shadow and fight the good fight by not casting a stone....take a step back and see beyond the noise of the crowd cause the great future of your country and it's values might be under attack. I've seen comments bashing rhetoric of the Christian right (and sometimes rightly so) but some of the ideas rooted in their conservatism are what keep western culture intact..their aversion to 'liberal' ideologies should not be shunned as mere lunacy. That heritage is the foundation of the west, as i see, and all else is built on and around it. Even if Biden wins, don't topple down that too, don't be taken in by the absurdity of marxism. I feel that we are reaching a point where apathy is being touted as a way out so I'll end with this.. There's this poem by William Stafford called 'A ritual to read to each other'...the last two stanzas are "And so I appeal to a voice, to something shadowy, a remote important region in all who talk though we could fool each other, we should consider - - lest the parade of our mutual life get lost in the dark. For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give-- yes or no, or maybe-- should be clear: the darkness around us is deep. "
Wallace Trisler
Wallace Trisler Pred 8 urami
Guarantee you that the "Nevada volunteer" is a Fox employee who has never lived in the state of Nevada in her entire life.
dee doh
dee doh Pred 9 urami
funny ..Mike P not funny, John O.
le hongcong
le hongcong Pred 9 urami
Why are all these Republican 'snowflakes' throwing tantrums and not acknowledging a 'duly elected' president?
Jonathan Batista
Jonathan Batista Pred 6 urami
Because he hasn't been elected, the media does not elect presidents.
Abren Pred 7 urami
Because he's not "duly elected". Dominion rigged the election in Biden's favour. A Dominion official said he would make sure Trump wouldn't win. Electronic voting is very susceptible to hacking. But don't just take my word for it. John Oliver seems to agree with me on this:
Stanley Song
Stanley Song Pred 10 urami
It Takes All Kinds
It Takes All Kinds Pred 10 urami
Misery is the trump brand.
L. T C.
L. T C. Pred 10 urami
Well GSA finally began the formal transition so if Drumpf wants to be a baby at least it's not going to hurt anyone anymore. Mostly.
Aaron Hammon
Aaron Hammon Pred 11 urami
What a twit
3rdeyegirl Pred 11 urami
"its not over until the final fisting you give or some shit like that, I don't remember anymore" lol!
Laura Drotar
Laura Drotar Pred 11 urami
12:50 Is that Mr. Sir from "Holes"? It's like he's the same as his character.
Lucille Cook
Lucille Cook Pred 12 urami
Mitch McConnell is worse than Trump; and that's really saying something. A case of the instigator being worse than the thief..
Alapan Ghosh
Alapan Ghosh Pred 12 urami
I am from West Bengal and I had no idea about the fucking yellow turtle(or tortoise)
Falcon43351 Pred 13 urami
Oh man.. i thought.. oh great monday.. let s look another episode.. and then the numbness dropped in .. ohhh the emptiness
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Pred 14 urami
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson Pred 14 urami
We are doomed if biden is president
Gavin Pred 5 urami
Cope harder
late lat
late lat Pred 16 urami
Is it me or others also see the homophony between “Yellow turtle” & “Yellow trump”! 🤓
Dru Blood
Dru Blood Pred 16 urami
I find it very funny that the republican city commissioner is so shocked about receiving death threats from fanatical republicans about the vote count. I think he’s shocked that another republican is being threatened and that’s all. If it were a city controlled by Democrats and they were being threatened by fanatical republicans for counting votes he wouldn’t think twice about it because that kind of crap happens all the time in America and that’s why republicans love the 2nd amendment. They love waving guns in the air, walking around with giant guns strapped to them for no necessary reason other then to fuck with everyone around them, they love threatening anyone that doesn’t agree with them, and they love talking about how they wanna stick their gun up some Democratic lawmakers asshole or pussy and blast away! This guy is just shocked because he’s a republican and your not supposed to threaten another republican with violence thats normally reserved for the opposition, which is ok for him.
vito741 Pred 13 urami
Well said
John C
John C Pred 17 urami
The difference between this election and the last few is simply the increased accusations of voter fraud and election rigging as a result of the increases in mail-in ballots, which are far more susceptible to fraud. While I do think President Trump's team has made some foolish decisions, he is absolutely within his rights to contest these results. Leftists seem so outraged that he doesn't simply concede and move on. Why should he? There's enough legitimate suspicion that leftists are far too eager to ignore and sweep under the rug. Rather than crying about President Trump not yet conceding, they should be demanding fair and free elections with far more accountability and less opportunity for said suspicion of fraud. This is what Republicans want. If Biden still wins after cases are settled, then so be it. Republicans still would largely dislike him, but most would at least give him a chance and accept him as the next president. Instead, leftist only want to ignore any allegations and shove a Biden victory down out throats. Obviously, leftists don't care about election integrity. They can't stand to have President Trump reelected, so they go to any length to ensure that doesn't happen. Meanwhile, 70% of Republicans don't believe the election was free and fair. If you want to change that, then push for more free and fair election results instead of pushing for your own candidates' suspicious victory. If he won fair and square, then you've got nothing to loose and only further support to gain.
Bill B
Bill B Pred 17 urami
Who is alpha david and why does his name keep coming up during all this??
xyz061220 Pred 17 urami
Or if CIA did one in Iran.
Jeremy Rd
Jeremy Rd Pred 18 urami
Now that trump is out who will watch your commie show?
Brian Curtis
Brian Curtis Pred 18 urami
I love how the graphic of Ezekiel, from Forty Fort, who is a total bummer, kind of looks like John Oliver.
T. FALK Pred 20 urami
Listen to what were telling you; Nothing to see here, move along!!
Joseph Sherwood
Joseph Sherwood Pred 20 urami
That turtle is by no means "cheddar cheese mistake"... That shit is without a doubt made of kraft singles and I will hear no more about it
fnvfan0145 Pred 21 uro
So instead of the yellow cheddar mistake, JO's talking about the orange cheddar mistake.
J Hi
J Hi Pred 22 urami
there are 2 lawsuits from the Trump administration. The rest are local lawsuits. So not sure how you can pin the rest on him and say you could go on to discredit the claims, despite not having any evidence to dispute the claim of election fraud with mail-in ballots with the only Biden checked on them in several counties that are from unregistered voters. Despite 2016 saw more votes than voters in the state of Michigan. this year is far worse with mail-ins ripe for fraudulent ballots which is why there are several audits and disputes over certification. People have been threatened for not certifying their tallies even though they know there are illegitimate ballots in the mix. The only people that are dismissing it are the ones with confirmation bias not to investigate further than the low hanging fruit.
Shusen Wang
Shusen Wang Pred 22 urami
Dems: A thief thinks every man steals. Likewise, a racist calls others racists.
Krista Wylan
Krista Wylan Pred 22 urami
Waiters nightmare hahaha omg
AJ Deadshow
AJ Deadshow Pred dnevom
0:42 "drop that little factoid in a file labeled 'who gives a shit'" 😂
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez Pred dnevom
If God appeared and said there was no election fraud, trumpers would say he's a liar.
Lando Calrizzzian
Lando Calrizzzian Pred dnevom
this is not the tone or tenor of someone who thinks they are winning
Death Waffle
Death Waffle Pred dnevom
I'm just waiting for more news articles about Trump voters attacking or threatening people with guns.
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson Pred dnevom
Where does it say about Cheerfully? Like Trump's debate about telling the US that this Covid-19 is spread by the AIR!
Donald Weston
Donald Weston Pred dnevom
.. and why is your wall ( blank screen white?) Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? . call 911?
Christian Allinson Fischer
Christian Allinson Fischer Pred dnevom
He's doing this because being President is the only thing shielding him from the multiple felonies that he's facing from the state of New York and the FBI (not to mention the hundreds of civil lawsuits against him). Couple this with his millions of sycophants most of whom are armed and rendered unemployed by the coronavirus and you have a perfect storm of shit.
enes sinanovic
enes sinanovic Pred dnevom
the Republicans are so dumb. Really happy from EU, that Biden won. He might at least take some measurements against climate change.
Rutherford Camps
Rutherford Camps Pred dnevom
"humor the president" that's where we are in America
Jiahua Hou
Jiahua Hou Pred dnevom
I can feel Johnny, you are anxious now and this program is NOT funny to watch at all. What are you worried about your lies? Last show before them got debunked?
Jiahua Hou
Jiahua Hou Pred dnevom
Ever heard of the million MAGA march in Washington DC on 11/14? The historical largest crowd gather in freedom square.
Danielle Gager
Danielle Gager Pred dnevom
It's just a cult. Listen to what Bill Maher advised. It was genius. And I'm going to try it with my Trump followers
dido maram
dido maram Pred dnevom
I Wish you war usa.تفوووووه عليكم
Lukas W
Lukas W Pred dnevom
This dude just called Trump an asshole? Liked and subscribed
Sid New
Sid New Pred 52 minutami
Well, every sane person calls him that.
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Pred dnevom
I Wonder How Many RUMP Supporters , Out On The Streets With There Guns Are Convicted Felons , And Didn't Even Vote ?
Anthony L. Goraczko
Anthony L. Goraczko Pred dnevom
NAZI TRUMP will have to be ARRESTED !!
Charles Stokes
Charles Stokes Pred dnevom
Tucker Carlson is a worthless liar
Vladimir Khazinski
Vladimir Khazinski Pred dnevom
Lol try to laugh challenge.
Darlene Carroll
Darlene Carroll Pred dnevom
You provide great information and Reasonable sense unfortunately these crazy Trumper’s are not watching you. Only the intelligent watch your show.
Kevin Momanyi Oroko
Kevin Momanyi Oroko Pred dnevom
Pranav Ramaswamy
Pranav Ramaswamy Pred dnevom
"Ooh that's an excellent question you waiter's nightmare"
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred dnevom
2016. Look where it got us.
Derek Steed
Derek Steed Pred dnevom
Oh my God Ezekiel you suck SO much!
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Pred dnevom
The amount of times John lies here is amazing. No evidence of machines changing votes? John needs to meet with his handlers and get the story straight. Because CNN, NBC and every single media outlet in America agrees that in one case in Michigan 6,000 were switched from Trump to Biden. First they said it was a glitch, now they say it’s human error,
Orneb Pred dnevom
Calling BS. Let’s see that article.
froggypics Pred dnevom
I love how the one guy, named Ezikiel, who asked the dumb question about the naming of "Forty Fort" ....looks just like Stephen Colbert. LOL Way to slip that in there, John Oliver.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred dnevom
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
M. Ruby
M. Ruby Pred dnevom
How about we don't listen to lectures about hypocrisy from Mitch McConnell of all people 🙄
D.Ireland Eire
D.Ireland Eire Pred dnevom
⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️ is coming for you John 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 🍕 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕and all the 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👹👹👹👹👹👹
Shane Spencer
Shane Spencer Pred dnevom
I never thought of losing, but now that it's happened, the only thing is to do it right. That's my obligation to all the people who believe in me. We all have to take defeats in life. Muhammad Ali
Anthony Pine
Anthony Pine Pred dnevom
oliver, your a bloated tic on the backside of humanity!
Rebelliuz Pred dnevom
congratulations on having creepy Joe Biden as president
slow roll
slow roll Pred dnevom
Obviously your not an American
Gavin Pred 5 urami
He’s an immigrant, an American like the rest of us
Kyle Rawdin
Kyle Rawdin Pred dnevom
I won't lie. His jokes were so hard and so fast
Savannah M
Savannah M Pred dnevom
Being a twitter activist sucks! Got banned for trying to spread the word. Please look into Buy Now, Pay Later services and how they market to vulnerable people during the COVID19 crisis.
Independent Pictures
Independent Pictures Pred dnevom
In Ireland we have an old saying, that perfectly encompasses the Trump administration, and it goes: You can CALL it a turkey sandwich, but that doesn't mean I'll eat it. Edit: I just want to point out that we at IP have a brand new Jurassic Park mash-up Subscribe if you like it!
tomdadada Pred dnevom
I liked Tommy Lee Jones way more as the Captain in Lonesome Dove. Jon Voight, you idiot
M R.
M R. Pred dnevom
I used to enjoy the easy Trump bashing, but lately I find it disturbing and, Please, the NYT is so corrupt; it’s barely more than an outrageously overt political propaganda machine for conservative, establishment Democrats (just as Breitbart or the Federalist is for Conservative establishment Republicans). Media have no “official” capacity to call an election. How grand that Oliver & others get an easy target to zealously and disrespectfully bash, and the simple minded get to revel in these cheap attacks. But the USA has a process and when elections are as close as this one, contenders have a legal right to contest. End of story, the truth will out.
lim wan
lim wan Pred dnevom
Russell Amos
Russell Amos Pred dnevom
Is this supposed to humorous.
Rikerbeard Pred dnevom
The madder you commies get, the better.
Garcon Harts
Garcon Harts Pred dnevom
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Pred uro
Why are all these Republican 'snowflakes' throwing tantrums and not acknowledging a 'duly elected' president?
ShenaniTims Pred 9 urami
If you want democracy, why not invite its creator, France, to come bring it? I mean, they were the reason the Revolution was a success after all. Might work again!
le hongcong
le hongcong Pred 9 urami
"Is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us after we said no?"
Fiddle Stix
Fiddle Stix Pred 10 urami
But it's almost December, and we're still in the trenches fighting the War on Christmas! /s
Arius Nowak
Arius Nowak Pred dnevom
What they don't want to tell You, the Strawberries, are things that: 1. In practice, cheap oil has run out, it will be enough for 2-3 years perhaps, 2. The "hole" in the banking system is $ 500 trillion. You're all in the ass, deep ass. Marshal SS @t
J T Pred dnevom
So in 2016 Trump wins and the election was corrupted with russian meddling, collusion, etc. But in 2020 Biden wins and it's the most secured and fair election ever? Come on! I'm no fan of Trump but you have to acknowledge the hypocrisy!
Stephen2462 Pred dnevom
There's simply no evidence to support Trump's claims; he's just spewing bullshit as per usual. The same can't be said regarding Russian interference of the 2016 election.
carol perone
carol perone Pred dnevom
Anyone else find it ironic how often "Christians" (quotes used intentionally to denote Christians by claim only, not action) refer to people/groups other than Trump as Satan, when within Christianity, Satan is referred to several times as "The father of lies"?
Deep Blue Azure
Deep Blue Azure Pred dnevom
Copy n’ pasted from someone else, nearly word for word. C’mon man, at least try for originality!
SIA_ROG Pred dnevom
Angela Jolie ran away from that. Good girl.
Hamid Aghili
Hamid Aghili Pred dnevom
Pleaser read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you..
Edgar Pred dnevom
Thank you for your group, the Republicans are no doubt evil, they are definitely the party of the devil.
L Pred dnevom
U know john Oliver had an episode about voter fraud with problems with voting machone
Stephen2462 Pred dnevom
Indeed, he did do a video on potential issues with voting machines, and Republicans completely ignored them. I don't see how that' supposed to be relevent to this video, since there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
Mi M
Mi M Pred dnevom
How many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans would still be alive if President Obama were still president? On the other hand, I recommend that a committee be selected to check and appoint President elect Biden's next cabinet to avoid a repeat of history. I was unhappy in 2016 (and almost voted for Trump) that he (President Obama) had appointed Eric Holder and Geithner and had not arranged to investigate, prosecute, and jail all the leading, ultra-rich banksters in nice, humane jails, forever. I wrote and urged him to investigate all of those persons, including his own appointees. However, he was an ex-constitutional law professor, not versed in financial crimes and he trusted political allies. (Reportedly, Geithner's father was a family friend of President Obama's mother. See See Those years were simpler times, when Americans' lives were not being lost daily indirectly as a result of presidential "mental illness," to be polite. However, we have another chance this year or by 2021 during the next financial collapse. Since the ultra-rich's banks' derivatives gambling and massive MBS (mortgage-backed securities) "investments" (gambling) to again sell mortgages as securities to dupes (like your school, union, or most often, your pension) has almost surely again made the major banks legally insolvent, expect the ultra-rich banksters (not the mass of public shareholders but the holders of the "control groups," who vote enough shares to appoint each bank's board of directors) to again claim that the world will end if they are not bailed out, when the world finds out their weaknesses. (Note the banks' directors and officers are like good guard dogs, obedient to commands from the true ultra-rich banksters (who have never had have to pay taxes thanks to US foreign income tax laws) but deniable, and sacrificable if someone must go to jail.) Of course, expect the stock market again to collapse in value in 2021 and the 15-billionaire-controlled US media to AGAIN hysterically scream that the US congress "just does not understand" until the US congress is again bullied into giving the banksters another TARP bailout. (I bet if the banksters were wiser, they could honey trap politicians into voting for this again by enabling them to have sex with underage girls at parties in mansions of the ultra-rich filled with cameras, video recording the pornographic results. Did they ever think of that? Why not?) That would be aside from the banksters' own ongoing bailouts through their "Federal" bankster Reserve to themselves and I do not mean the "Fed's" 2019 Repo market bank bailouts. See See The banksters' "Federal" Reserve (a deceitfully named and secretly created monopolistic, bank cartel operating behind bankster figureheads appointed by pliable presidents) cannot bail them out forever by acting as a "bad bank," and purchasing the banks' now garbage MBS holdings at premium, way above FMV prices. See What about their formerly-profitable, derivatives gambles -- now gigantic debts? Someone must pay for those-- not the ultra-rich banksters, of course. That "bad bank" is always the banksters preferred financial "solution" to their problems of course, so the US taxpayers will have to indirectly suffer the banksters' gigantic, unrealized but probably now already computable billions or TRILLIONS in losses-- AGAIN. See It must be nice to be a bankster: you make huge fortunes behind what is essentially a government guarantee of your credit while you happily gamble in derivatives and MBS then if you go insolvent, your loyal ("hybrid") "Federal" Reserve bank cartel gives you free (US government legal tender) money secretly, at ultra-below-FMV interest rate loans for decades to "recapitalize" you by effectively giving you gifts worth billions, and if things go really bad, the US congress ultra-rich-owned politicians give you even more free money! Senator Aldrich planned well. Bernie Maddoff must be jealous. See; see See Those "Federal" Reserve cartel gifts to the banksters are in US taxpayer legal tender printed by the "Fed" through the US treasury(!!) effectively as annual, sweet-love-gifts from all Americans to the banksters. Thus, your children's grandchildren will still be effectively repaying them until the next century, to bail out the gigantic fortunes of the owners of Wall Street's most profitable firms, who have enriched themselves by trillions since President Clinton repealed FDR's wise Glass Steagal Act. See and see the bankster apologists' arguments in That will happen soon, by 2021 at the latest. Mark my words. Plan on it. There are real solutions. Read about the early French Revolution and its innovations against corrupt, ultra-rich cronies and secret cronyism by the ultra-rich. Read JFK's speech against secret societies before his assassination--- which I am sure was a sheer coincidence. ;-) See Now, Yellen, the former “Fed” president whose cuddly appearance might have discouraged any investigations of financiers, e.g., in the “Fed,” might became the next treasury secretary. Isn’t that remarkable! Joy! That is really, really, really, really, really amazingly worrisome. Excuse the eye tic that I just got when I heard.
undrline Pred dnevom
Wholeheartedly agree with everything, but it's nowhere written that the current President or any office needs to concede. It's been that way, yes. And it gives the next administration a jump start, which is desperately needed for all the reasons pointed out. And, it hurts for him not to, as pointed out; which is not any really different than saying that the longer the guy's able to pull shenanigans, the worse things will be. But since I was a little kid, I never understood why it wasn't enough for someone to win, the other person had to give up. I was always told it was a matter of courtesy and respect for the peaceful transition of power, but the idea never quite sat well with me. While it may be awful in many ways, and gives the guy opportunity to keep blowing smoke, I'm hoping it will give me the opportunity to see how an election works when it fully plays out, rather than the opposition giving up.
Stephen2462 Pred dnevom
I'll admit; if there's one way the US has benefited from the Trump administration, it's that it's served as a thorough field test of the checks and balances on the executive branch. All those unwritten rules that people assumed were actual laws because most presidents aren't total assholes no longer mattered and we got to see how much crap an amoral president is able to get away with.
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno Pred dnevom
only in the US its illegal for 2 or more people to have the same name or same name and last name. because if there is we will assume its the same person. Peoples names and last names are so unique its impossible for them to repeat. 🤣 apparently the idiot Tucker doesnt know why middles names were created. although some people dont use or have one.
Mike Chase
Mike Chase Pred dnevom
Ummmm that's not how Forty Fort got it's name John. This gets into the state of Connecticut at one time through the Charter of 1662 that set out an expansive vision of Connecticut, what England's King Charles II effectively granted Connecticut through that grandiose wording was a swath of land some 70 miles north to south, stretching from the Narragansett Bay on the east to the northern California/Oregon coast just west of Mount Shasta. This went through this area of Pennsylvania and Connecticut settlers made their way out to the frontier regions of Connecticut which happened to be claimed by Pennsylvania so there were competing land deeds and a big mess.......
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