Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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GREAT SANTINI Pred 26 minutami
Mia bear
Mia bear Pred 34 minutami
It is difficult to defeat an incumbent, even someone like Trump.
Mia bear
Mia bear Pred 36 minutami
Almost half voted for Trump, almost 5 million more than in 2016. 57% of the white vote went for Trump. This isn’t good at all.
Quinn Marchese
Quinn Marchese Pred 43 minutami
i just wanna say how much i love the my hero academia poster on the teenage sons door
Mia bear
Mia bear Pred 44 minutami
No more Trumpy bears. 🤣
Mia bear
Mia bear Pred 49 minutami
If Dems. committed mass fraud then they should have won all the Senate, House and state races. 🤣
Mia bear
Mia bear Pred uro
This is what an authoritarian dictator does.
Joel Brody
Joel Brody Pred uro
I only watch this show to see how more biased they get on a weekly basis. Leftist trash now.
Miss Anne Thrope
Miss Anne Thrope Pred uro
No more fucking Jared!!!😄💕💕
Lumby1 Pred 2 urami
Please send money to cover Rudy on duty's alleged $20,000 a day, oh and by the way, pay some of the debts Donnie ran up and doesn't want to pay with his own billions. Your contributions will be appreciated, this is your last warning, losers and suckers. The comedians must be having trouble keeping up with this farce. There are too many Americans who will actually send him money, let's be honest.
BattyButtercup Pred 2 urami
Stacey Abrams is a consistent beacon of realist, determined hope and compassion. Her work, and the work of so many BIPOC like her, has truly been a balm throughout this past decade for people who, like me, have increasingly feared for its citizens and their unacceptable reality as denizens of a real-life dystopia setting. The dread of what is to come, in these short months between Presidents, has made Stacey Abrams all the more essential in retaining a belief that Americans CAN and WILL work toward rectifying their state of affairs & actually become the democratic society they so love to preach unto others.
Benjamin Glatt
Benjamin Glatt Pred 2 urami
Oh God, Joe, don't point like that.
Jarrett Pred 2 urami
I don't blame other minority groups for protecting their cultural/demographical interests and identities. Majority groups do the same; I don't know why they don't get that. If a larger group did it first, and arguably does it more, why the FUCK can we not do the same? Furthermore, America has no unified identity. None of the Americas do: from as far north as Canada to as far south as Chile. (Also, I think Australia and surrounding former colonies fit this bill too). We're all hodge-podged nations that were established by colonists, slaves, indentured servants, poor immigrants -- and we all pushed indigenous people further into backwater wilds to do it. (Well, the armed colonists did, and those of us forced to fight alongside them). The Americas are countries -- at least the USA is -- where they started off with this mish-mashed laissez-faire je ne sais quois hodge podge, and then justified a "melting pot," which, in the end, only ended up favouring majorities and the powerful, and assimilated other groups. There was no way we were ever going to peacefully converge to a singular overall identity, or even just a few major ones. (In the US, you particularly have two overall groups now, as defined by politics: the Left, and the Right. They've been vying for dominance for a hundred years, and have both assembled all manner of variant and other ideologies and demographics under their banners. You guys don't even properly recognize centrism, and treat them with mistrust). At least in Canada we're trying to embrace this failure; that we're NOT going to have a unified identity and we're just a mosaic -- the way the entire world always has been, and always will be, in the end (because each person is their own person, and not some fucking copycat or duplicated machine).
Yudith Caron
Yudith Caron Pred 2 urami
No Adam Driver? You list your three favorite things and there's no Adam Driver? Even though he's no a "thing" per se, that's no reason not to wear a shirt that says "Oversight - Adam Driver - Hamsters in speedos". You could make a truckload of money off these.
Tommy Ronny
Tommy Ronny Pred 3 urami
Ok we got the fascist out of office, time to get to work comrades
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Pred 3 urami
"I would love to make fun of that, but unfortunately I have no time for losers". Funniest line ever, lol
Vladislav Pantaleev
Vladislav Pantaleev Pred 3 urami
I haven't even smiled during a Last week tonight for months... What happened?
Lori O'Neill
Lori O'Neill Pred 3 urami
The non-existent laugh track makes this even more awful if that is even possible.
Penitent Hollow
Penitent Hollow Pred 3 urami
9:41 I didn't realize that Gus Johnson was doing an impression of a *specific* moron in his "yelling election guy" video! It's even better now! slpost.info/dev/c4y6oZ6agYbb25k/video.html
Alex Obed
Alex Obed Pred 3 urami
"No more fucking Jared." (Twice. For emphasis.)
william thibeau
william thibeau Pred 3 urami
I choked at that 9/11 joke
MLU8811 Pred 3 urami
OBJECTION! Over seven million people did *NOT* vote *for* Trump. They voted a) for their party, b) for Trump, c) for hate, d) for misinformation.
Hanna Harper
Hanna Harper Pred 3 urami
Honestly John your silence on Destiel is deafening
MLU8811 Pred 3 urami
14:20 ... I was (may currently be) involved in some open source litigation shenanigans. One thing I learned through... if you make an allegation and /then/ go look for substantiation, you should get bent and fuck off.
Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell Pred 4 urami
When will this show get back to llama related tax loopholes or whatever??
Guy J Hall
Guy J Hall Pred 4 urami
As a fellow Brit living the American dream I just don't understand the requirement to swear (and badly) it does not enhance what is normally a positive experience in watching your shows!!!
Yee Dubay
Yee Dubay Pred 4 urami
The answer to your Pringles questions: Tall, kinda chubby, waxed completely hairless, and nipples that look like Pringles chips, because where do you think they come from?
Sophia Karina
Sophia Karina Pred 4 urami
Reverse 9/11 really got me 😂
Zankou Ryles
Zankou Ryles Pred 4 urami
No more fucking Jered!!
Common Sense
Common Sense Pred 4 urami
cozyTeacups Pred 4 urami
the fucking irony of trump supporters singing a song created by a LGBTQ singer....... revolting
Joshua Szeto
Joshua Szeto Pred 5 urami
that's not trump milking two cows. he's imagining pleasing his two best friends, putin and kim jong
Charlotte Nicholson
Charlotte Nicholson Pred 5 urami
3:48......they all look so similar
Graham X
Graham X Pred 6 urami
One other positive thing John overlooked, Last Week Tonight can finally stop devoting the majority of it's time to Trump related BS and get back to focusing on the more interesting and less known issues.
Nathan Daggett
Nathan Daggett Pred 6 urami
I had a poop for the 30second happy break -
Chris Cutress
Chris Cutress Pred 6 urami
I'm sorry to tell you this but we're just not happy with your performance. I'm sorry but we've no choice but to let you go. DONALD TRUMP ... YOU"RE FIRED !!! (insert Kermit the Frog YEAH !!!)
Pascal Pred 6 urami
O johny boy, i gotta start wondering, are you part of the problem, the left wing media trying to influence the outcome of the election, yes you are arent you johny. John Oliver, the man that didnt get it and climbed to the top of the hill only to find out he climbed the wrong hill
Jedi Sith
Jedi Sith Pred 7 urami
Best part about the Borat Rudi thing is that somehow Sacha tricked the leaky law man to sign permission for it to be included. Not very good look for a lawyer.
Zenobiwan Pred 7 urami
i've said it once, and i'll say it again; not all Trump supporters are racist, however all Trump supporters decided that racism wasn't a deal breaker.
Joe Weis
Joe Weis Pred 7 urami
AlradorOnFirefoot Pred 7 urami
Are you honestly that stupid? Good luck counting Nemo... If you can't find him. And then you realize you need a bunch more Nemos to out count the other guy and suddenly you say you counted a bunch in the middle of the night after everyone was told to go home we aren't counting Nemos anymore .... People would ask, Where'd you find them Nemos?
diemthy Nguyen
diemthy Nguyen Pred 7 urami
Du mà !!!
martramT Pred 8 urami
I hope as a next step after Trump, more energy is put against Moscow Mitch and all other abusers of the party and against propaganda and misinformation.
Evan Glassman
Evan Glassman Pred 8 urami
party like octopuses on Extacy!
Zihan Zia
Zihan Zia Pred 8 urami
Anyone else notice the Boku no Hero poster at 8:33 cause ngl it was my biggest takeaway.
Legitly Spelunking
Legitly Spelunking Pred 8 urami
10:28 Please make that official merch
Ghost Pred 8 urami
1:06 Can we talk about the photo on John’s phone background??
gunnar sjölander
gunnar sjölander Pred 8 urami
Why is this bullshit in my auto play? What a cringe lord
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
@gunnar sjölander So you have a problem with SLpost, and not John Oliver. If you don't like the algorithm SLpost has then don't use SLpost... Easy fix
gunnar sjölander
gunnar sjölander Pred 4 urami
@Simon Dahl so why do SLpost need to push his shit on people if he's not a cringe lord? Their algorithm should be aware that I do not enjoy television 😒
gunnar sjölander
gunnar sjölander Pred 4 urami
@Simon Dahl so why do SLpost need to push his shit on people if he's not a cringe lord? Their algorithm should be aware that I do not enjoy television 😒
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
@gunnar sjölander, For starters, the 8,5 Million people that are subscribed to this ”cringe lord”.
gunnar sjölander
gunnar sjölander Pred 5 urami
@Simon Dahl respected among who? Is this supposed to be fun or just cringe?
John Glick
John Glick Pred 8 urami
Lmao just last year he was shitting himself about how voting machines were abusable but now they are "safe and secure"
bath_tub barracuda
bath_tub barracuda Pred 9 urami
you can see the insanity in his eye, covids killin him
Hollis Carlton
Hollis Carlton Pred 10 urami
So... where can we buy one of these shirts with John Oliver's favourite 3 things
edgeuvchaos Pred 10 urami
John Oliver has called out his fans to swamp a site looking into the possible fraud of an election in our country. We already know that the royal family in his supports the great reset idea which is what this is all about in the end. Personally I hope he is charged with obstructing justice. Those Americans who dislike this should report him and HBO for election tampering.
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat Pred 10 urami
Frankly, Trumpists awkwardly yelling “Beat That Meat! Beat That Meat!” Would have sped things up.
Olivia de Sousa
Olivia de Sousa Pred 10 urami
The judges zoom background though 😂
gimbub Pred 10 urami
No time for losers, line and delivery, was perfect
Clay Campbell
Clay Campbell Pred 11 urami
How many went to Teepublic to look for a hamsters in speedos shirt? Just me? I'll go now.
fantasticmio Pred 11 urami
Why is the voter fraud website .co? Isn't that Columbia?
Ki-Sean Excell
Ki-Sean Excell Pred 11 urami
Why did they cut the part with the people in Philly dancing. That was the perfect ending!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Pred 11 urami
Gotta love the photojournalist diving in to put a moron on a pedestal.
StormCrown Pred 11 urami
Well now you know the rest felt for 4 years.
I’m impostor. Why? Because. I vented
I’m impostor. Why? Because. I vented Pred 12 urami
It’s beyond me why anyone is surprised that trump is refusing to concede. We were not sure what the election turnout would be, but still. We knew he wasn’t gonna go easily, even if he was president till 2024.
Grimmc Pred 2 urami
@Simon Dahl no he hasn’t the trump administration approved a transition he didn’t approve that
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 5 urami
He has conceded....
Michael Heitmann
Michael Heitmann Pred 12 urami
After being a fan I now find myself disappointed with you John. Your show has degraded over time to where I no longer wish to view it. It is not humorous to make personal attacks with name calling. This lowers you to a level well below Trump as you say that you know better than that. Your now constant stream of sexual analogies is degrading. What is this constant referral to Nazis in every show? You said that we all have issues to be resolved to come together but how do you win the hearts and minds with the current status of your show?
ALBI ARIZA Pred 13 urami
Globalis cabal menang
Richard Untch
Richard Untch Pred 11 urami
George Chapman
George Chapman Pred 13 urami
17:29 😅 sounds like trying to sing happy birthday to your least favorite relative.. ok everyone...🙄 fuck this I'm not trying...😁
George Chapman
George Chapman Pred 13 urami
But if I want to get 10 bucks in a card on my birthday...I'll go through the motions...🤭
Le Quoc Hoan
Le Quoc Hoan Pred 13 urami
"If you dont understand how those images rhyme with history, it might just be because you're not used to seeing them in color" that was fantastic
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz Pred 13 urami
Mayra S
Mayra S Pred 14 urami
The media bias is on fire!
Orin Mancine
Orin Mancine Pred 14 urami
Trump got the full 2020 experience: Got covid, lost his job, got evicted.
Fresh Turkey
Fresh Turkey Pred 14 urami
John Oliver I still remember how you mock Trump in 2016. You are the bully not president Trump.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 5 urami
Yeah, but the mocking is well justified...
Veasna Samreth
Veasna Samreth Pred 15 urami
Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?
Venom_Colada 1
Venom_Colada 1 Pred 14 urami
Stolen comment. Literally saw this 8 minutes ago.
Shivakumar Sundaram
Shivakumar Sundaram Pred 15 urami
Liked the last 3 minutes.
Truth Pred 15 urami
I love John Oliver.
Diana February
Diana February Pred 16 urami
Best show ever John and congrats on your first American voting experience!. See my new product TikTok btw
Kate Jones
Kate Jones Pred 16 urami
I'm looking forward to the day when we can stop caring about Donald Trump... it's going to be a beautiful day. However, I will be very disappointed if Trump isn't escorted forcefully from the White House.
Diana February
Diana February Pred 16 urami
Reckon hell. If you’re kind to bullies it only teaches them to keep bullying because they get what they want. You kissing their ass trying to show them how to do it right isn’t accomplishing what you think. The best teaser is most popular. Practice teasing and win the hearts of his loyalists.
Shawn G K
Shawn G K Pred 16 urami
StormCrown Pred 11 urami
Why were you fucking Jared?
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 15 urami
Thank you so much for this video!!!?
Diana February
Diana February Pred 16 urami
Octopi, not pusses.
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 15 urami
always a sound voice.
Karl Wheeler
Karl Wheeler Pred 16 urami
We need that shirt
Diana February
Diana February Pred 16 urami
Hamsters in Speedo’s mmmmm.
Anton Brakhage
Anton Brakhage Pred 17 urami
"Calling Dibbs on states is not how we elect Presidents" But just in case it is, I call dibbs on every state for Ocasio Cortez 2024!
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Pred 17 urami
We need a 45 minute video of John Oliver talking about octopuses.
Ceejay Mock
Ceejay Mock Pred 17 urami
Thing about Klaus is, he's fodder. Nazism (not to be confused with fascism) benefits precisely one social group and one individual - the one leader and scientists. The rest are just lab rats and cannon/missile fodder. The whole ideology is about emotionally sterile pragmatism in pursuit of the ultimate human specimens to carry on the species; it's really just kind of sad that most (if not all) Nazi-minded individuals don't think the ideological philosophy through to the logical endgame and realize their own role in the whole thing. It might be better if we all realized that, actually. Maybe understanding each other might be a little easier if, in general, we understood that it's just people using downward comparisons to soothe their own pain and lack of respect for themselves (insecurities,) and that in order to be able to do this, they must cast others as lower than themselves. For a Nazi, that's as low as low gets, but only because they, themselves are disposable in their own minds, only even human for any resemblance they might bear to the ideal. Hitler, himself was a far cry, but a true believer in the objective and thus, filled the sole leader role. Funny too how people in prison and street gangs that have Nazi themes, generally recover with therapy that improves their self esteem and notions of social and psychological health. It's almost like, once their notions of themselves improve, they no longer feel the need to dehumanize others just to feel okay with themselves.
vaiyt Pred 16 urami
Scientists that don't discover inconvenient facts, that is. Hitler made Einstein run away and spent his last years being treated by a quack.
BlackEpyon Pred 18 urami
Giuliani: "Do you think we're stupid!? Do you think we're fools!?" Literally everyone:: "Uh, yeah?"
t2c Pred 23 minutami
"Giuliani: "Do you think we're stupid!? Do you think we're fools!?"" ..more like.. umm serious question? ;)
shodanxx Pred 18 urami
Next episode better be about bullying Biden into doing the things he promised.
Steve Sliedrecht
Steve Sliedrecht Pred 18 urami
Enjoy the next chaotic 4 years. Joe will embarrass America.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
Like Trump hasn't done that already... At this point it can't get any worse.
Vivin Arikkudil
Vivin Arikkudil Pred 19 urami
The same guy who said electronic voting is flawed is now magically ignoring the evidences. Shows how much more uninformed and the hypocrisy. It's sad how un intellectual you are
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
@Vivin Arikkudil, What part of that statement is ”not truth”
Vivin Arikkudil
Vivin Arikkudil Pred 4 urami
@Simon Dahl not the truth. But your opinion. But you have the right to have it. I'm not buying it anymore
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
@Vivin Arikkudil, It's the truth...
Vivin Arikkudil
Vivin Arikkudil Pred 4 urami
@Simon Dahl convenient when it fits a narrative isn't it.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl Pred 4 urami
While the voting machine situation remains the same, less people voted with them this election, meaning the problem is next to nullified this election. Compared to this election the last election was less safe, so... Yeah
Dawn Pettersen
Dawn Pettersen Pred 19 urami
Has Biden officially won the election? I’m confused (I’m New Zealander). We never had problems like this in our election for PM.
Lois Folk
Lois Folk Pred 19 urami
To trump. Shut up man and go far away. To jail. He should not have a president library because a room full of bs is not necessary. ✌️😷🖖
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart Pred 19 urami
We felt that same euphoria where I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. You should do an episode on Canadian trump supporters and the “civil wars” that were created across the entire Country. I would imagine it is mildly different in every province. But I know where live they remind me of the stereotypical person from Alabama/Texas. It’s uncanny, they even say “Y’all” as an noun to begin a sentence with instead of saying “Not to be racist but...” please consider this, it’s an incredibly scary phenomenon that shows it’s a mentally that should be addressed. Please like this if you would love to see an Episode regarding this topic so hopefully they see it and take it into consideration. 🙏
Squally Maelstrom
Squally Maelstrom Pred 19 urami
1:30 hit it for me. :)
irishfrenchie78 Pred 20 urami
always a sound voice.
pakidood Pred 20 urami
damn seeing the "we are the champions"crowd singing might be the cringiest thing ever
Katy Tui
Katy Tui Pred 20 urami
Omg, Trump lost and John Oliver's going to be on Big Mouth, I'm so happy!
《Jerry》 Pred 20 urami
TRUMP 2024! 🦅
Venom_Colada 1
Venom_Colada 1 Pred 13 urami
If he lives that long he might have a chance
Daniel Starkey
Daniel Starkey Pred 20 urami
No one forget how this guy mocked the possibility of trump even getting on the debate floor, zero credibility in anything he says now.
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Pred 19 urami
veselgana Pred 20 urami
You made it, America! Trump is not a President anymore and in the process you destroyed and burned down your own country. Congratulations!
Mafia1997 Pred 20 urami
The, “Fuck your feelings crowd.” Was really up in their feelings after their guy lost lmao.
Rafael Balindong
Rafael Balindong Pred 20 urami
The demented and demonic will never go away until everyone else is as miserable as they are; expecting them to concede is the last thing we should do.
buck choi
buck choi Pred 20 urami
Looks like both the left and the right don't believe in pandemics
Jayden Worth
Jayden Worth Pred 21 uro
"Pizzagate was a 9/11."
wreckcelsior Pred 21 uro
I would venture to say that a lot of those Drumpf votes were stern, party votes. Party first. cheers.
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